All classes are run Youth, Novice, Open, Seniors and 3D Poles.  Books Open at 5:15pm, Exhibitions from 5:30pm-7:30pm, Youth runs at 7:45pm unless stated other wise (for weekend races)

June 11th-Tuesday-Ace Arena, Andrews, TX

July 9th-Tuesday-Midland County Horseshoe, Livestock Arena, Midland, TX

July 23rd-Tuesday-Ace Arena, Andrews, TX

August 7th-Wednesday-Ace Arena, Andrews, TX

August 13th-Tuesday-Midland County Horseshoe, Livestock Arena, Midland, TX

August 22nd-Thursday-Midland County Fair Race!!! Midland County Horseshoe, Livestock Arena, Midland, TX (NO Poles!!!!)

August 27th-Tuesday-Ace Arena, Andrews, TX

September 10th-Tuesday-Midland County Horseshoe, Livestock Arena, Midland, TX

September 17th-Tuesday-Ace Arena, Andrews, TX

September 24th-Tuesday-Ace Arena, Andrews, TX

October 2nd-Wednesday-Midland County Horseshoe, Livestock Arena, Midland, TX

October 8th-Tuesday-Ace Arena, Andrews, TX

October 22nd-Tuesday-Outback Arena, Odessa, TX

October 26th & 27th-Saturday & Sunday-Ace OUTDOOR Arena, Andrews, TX (Saturday BO 11:15am, Exhibitions 11:30am-2:00pm, Youth starts at 2:30pm.  Sunday BO 10:15am, Exhibitions 10:30am-1:00pm, Youth starts at 1:30pm)

November 9th-Saturday-Martin Arena, Greenwood, TX (BO 11:15am, Exhibitions from 11:30am-2:00pm, Youth starts at 2:30pm)

November 19th-Tuesday-Ace Arena, Andrews, TX

November 26th-Tuesday-Ace Arena, Andrews, TX

December 4th-Wednesday-NFR RUN!!! NO POLES!!!! Ace Arena, Andrews, TX



Open $30.00

Novice $20.00

Youth/Seniors $15.00

3D Poles $25.00

Exhibitions $4.00 each

Arena fee $5.00 per person

Some races will be added money races and the entry fee will be adjusted to be proportionate to the amount of added money in some circumstances.


Membership forms are available at all races:

1st adult is $62.00/year (from the date you join for 12 months) $52.00 for second adult living in household

$37.00 for each child- if only children are joining it is $62.00 for the first person regardless of age then $37.00 for each additional child.

OR...you can join online at www.nbha.com and designate your state as Tx and your district is 08 if you want to compete for points in this district.  With a membership you are able to participate in any NBHA event without paying a non member fee but you can only designate 1 district as your home district in which to accumulate points for world qualifications.

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