2018 Rules


1.  Eligible horses must not have won more than $500.00 in cash as of the day of the race unless already nominated as super novice horse.

2.  If you choose to nominate Super Novice Horse Class, there is a $25.00 nomination fee.  Nominated horses are eligible to run in the novice class for the entire year.

3.  If you do not choose to nominate for the year end Super Novice Horse, once your horse reaches the $500.00 mark he/she is no longer eligible to compete in this class.  The nomination must be made prior to reaching the $500.00 mark.

4.  All points, regardless of 1D or 2D will count towards the year end award.  The horse with the most points at the end of the year will win the award.  In the event of a tie, follow the same rules to break the tie as in the 4D.  In order to receive points, you must be a NBHA TX 08 member, yet you can nominate your horse in order to run in the class all year however if you are not a member of NBHA TX 08 you will not receive points toward year end awards

5.  You may choose to run your horse in the novice and carry your time over to the 4D, or seniors.  Youth can carry over from the youth to the novice.  If you have more than 1 novice horse, you may choose to run 1 or more during the novice and the others during the 4D and carry your time back to the novice.

6.  It will be paid on a 2D full second split.

7.  If you hit a barrel or break pattern during the novice class or the 4D, you will not receive a NO TIME in the other classes.  We will draw you back in to those classes.  In the event that you only ran the horse in the 4D and were carrying your time back to the novice (in the case of more than 1 horse) then we will run you again at the end of the 4D for it to count as your novice time.

8. Any horse previously winning a super novice year end award is ineligible regardless of money/prizes won not being over $500.00.  You can only nominate for Super Novice horse one time, if your horse has not won over $500.00 during the year of nomination you are not eligible to nominate the following year.

9. At the time of nomination, the District Director will make every attempt to verify earnings on a horse.  However, any challenge by a member that a horse is over the $500.00 mark should be submitted in writing to the Director along with statements as to why he/she believes the horse to be ineligible.  A full investigation will be done by a panel of members assembled by the Director.

10.  At the discretion of the District Director, and based on availability of money, other places may be given year end awards either overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc or divided by D's into 1D and 2D.

11. Contestant must be a current member of NBHA to accrue points for the Super Novice.  Contestand can still nominate the horse for the Super Novice if they are not a current member and run in the class all year but will not accrue points

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